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Twelve Successful Business Women in New Orleans

Kingfish Magazine’s first fold out.


He runs Vintage 429 and has some great things signed by some famous people.

A Saintsation

An outtake from one of the six calendars I photographed for the New Orleans Saints.

Hair Toss

The coolest shot I’ve ever done. As part of several setups for the Russian production, Krasnaya, this was by far the best shot.


Fly tying.


NASA Engineer

Scoping a space shuttle engine.

An Image for Salon du Beau Monde

Having an image in Vogue magazine is every photographer’s dream.

Sunrise over Ocean Springs

I made this image from the hotel room at the Isle. It was just before we went to the gaming floor to continue with an entire property shoot.

Sunset after Nasty Storm

Charlotte, SC.

What's cookin’?

Sunset over Frozen Hudson River

It was Superbowl weekend. I was in NYC Saturday as the sun was setting. The wind was blowing and it was way below freezing.

East Texas Sunrise

Another cold moment where I took advantage of a magnificent sunrise. I was hoping for the traditional windmill or pump jack that I could silhouette but there was nothing for miles and I knew this moment would be gone soon.

Trolley 914

Since Hurricane Katrina the trolley cars in New Orleans have come back only partially.

Blue Ridge Sunset

Another one of those “being at the right place” moments. I was on my father-in-law”s front porch.

Lunar Eclipse

I’d seen the full moon rise above the trees that night. But when I looked again, it looked funny. “Wasn’t that a full moon awhile ago? Why is there just a sliver now? Holy crap! It’s a lunar eclipse. Quick, get the camera!”

Slave Quarters and the Tall Oak Tree

The size of this oak tree was indeed amazing.

Crabtree Falls

My best black and white ever.


Mutiny Bay

I had a job to shoot on Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle, WA. We stayed at a place over-looking Mutiny Bay. It was gorgeous. When I saw the thousands of reflections off the water I knew it would be a great shot. Since the colors were muted it made an excellent black and white. The new camera proved to be equally impressive. If you ever get a chance to go there, do.

West Texas Windmills

On a trip from Midland, TX, to Dallas, I stopped in Big Spring, TX, to capture an image of these windmills on top of a plateau that can be seen for miles.


It’s just pretty food.

Yellow Diamond Gold Ring

The Cathedral in Jackson Square

New Orleans, LA.

Chain Purse

Jason’s Cobra

My nephew built this car. The engine, drivetrain and wheels are not the same as the original AC Cobra; this one’s faster.

Cobra Logo on Hood

After the overall shot I wanted to do some details. The hood ornament is one of them.

Spider Pin

Spider pin, spider pin. Does whatever a spider pin does.

Gold Cufflinks

I used a common technique called selective focus to add dimension.

The Sword

Toast in the Tub

The Isle has great rooms.

Look at This Hand!

Had the best time working with Mark and Marianne. We always did more shots in one day than anyone could imagine; and they were great shots.

Happy Couple at a Blackjack Table

I liked the lights hanging in the background. Different than the neon lights that are sometimes over-used.


Actually, her real name isn’t Carmen; she’s just playing the part for the image campaign. Real, live bird.


Martini with Dice

Fun. It takes something different to catch people’s eyes.

Service at the Slots

The interaction between the server and the guest is what makes this nice.

Scary Mask

From a special African collection.

Wooden Face Mask

From a special African collection.

Banana Man

It’s not really a banana but a hand-carved piece of wood with a seashell crown.

Why the Long Face?

From a special African collection.


Hand-carved whale bone.

The Coolest Mask I’ve Ever Seen

It’s from a special Oceanic collection.


Dated 2000 B.C.

African Mask

This African mask was one of many masks from a special collection I had the pleasure of capturing digitally, with some masks dating back several hundred years. There were no power tools back then. Native people carved ceremonial masks like this by hand, making them one-of-a-kind. It’s this type of craftsmanship that makes me think, “Wow, how long did it take for someone to do this? And was it because they wanted to do it, or were they commissioned or ordered to do it?”